Insomniac Film Festival
Insomniac Film Festival


INSOMNIAC FILM FESTIVAL is teaming up with TIFF NEXT WAVE to co-present BATTLE OF THE SCORES. Battle of the Scores will kick off Opening Night of the Next Wave Film Festival on February 15, 2019. 6 bands will be given the chance to score a three minute silent short film and perform it live!

Over the next few weeks, Insomniac will be selecting THREE Toronto filmmakers to create THREE separate THREE minute films, and we want YOUR IDEAS! If selected, THREE filmmakers will receive $500 each to create their short silent film. The films will then be handed off to young musicians from around Toronto. They’ll compose a score and perform it LIVE as your film plays. It’s always an amazingly fun event, and a super unique way for your film to be engaged with!

Whether you’re a previous Insomniac Filmmaker, a first time Filmmaker, or anywhere in between, we want your ideas!

What Are We Asking For?!

  • Please send a SHORT DESCRIPTION of your project to, or in the form below. We suggest for your description to be around one paragraph in length, but feel free to write however much or little you feel is right to properly convey your concept. If you’d prefer to send us a video or an audio file of you describing the project, we’re cool with that too!

  • Along with your description, please send along a VISUAL INSPIRATION. This can be anything! A painting, a GIF, a mood board, a scene from a movie, anything! Whatever you feel best illustrates your movie.

Our deadline is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH. It’s soon, but don’t worry! Even if you’re just kicking around the nugget of an idea, we encourage you to submit whatever is on your mind! You’ll have more time to develop your concept after this initial deadline, and we’re happy to use our resources here at Insomniac (crew, equipment, etc.) to help bring your idea to life!

What Kind of Film Are We Looking For?!

We are prioritizing marginalized youth artists, whether that be by race, sexuality, gender, ability, or immigration status. The only specifications we have for your film are:

  • The filmmaker(s) must be based in the Greater Toronto Area

  • It must run 3 minutes in length.

  • It must be a silent film with no dialogue or subtitles.

  • It should not be suggestive of, or lean towards any one particular style of music - but it should be dynamic and lend itself well to being scored.

  • It should be made specifically for this event, but it can of course be reused/repurposed outside of Battle of the Scores.

Aside from that, we’re open to absolutely anything! Experimental, narrative, documentary, any genre, any style, any tone. Insomniac is a festival that celebrates risk-taking films that embrace youthfulness and low-budget filmmaking. BUT we love all films! So pitch whatever you want to make! If you’re passionate about your idea, you can bet we’ll love it too!

If you have any questions about any of this, please let us know! We look forward to your ideas!